Women poets wearing sweatpants

DdlP with Rilke (the former Safeway parking lot cat) dressed to the nines & hard at work

DdlP with Rilke (the former Safeway parking lot cat) dressed to the nines & hard at work  [text is from the poem “Penelope at the Wheel”]

What was Women Poets Wearing Sweatpants?

“A feminist intervention. A poetry journal at meme speed. An attempt to give the internet what it wanted. A critique and a joke. A joke of a critique? A lot of fun. Not enough. A pop-up virtual community that published every submission it received. A stocking stuffer advertised entirely via social media, and conceived, curated, and closed in two weeks. A commentary on the too-easy conflation of women’s artwork, physical bodies, and virtual existences. A taking-back of the reigns. A nod to Barbara Kruger. A toast to the selfie. A laugh of the Medusa. Was it snarky? Was it earnest? Was it equalizing? Was it dumb? Was it empowering? It was post by post.
Becca Klaver

 ddlp 3More here: http://womenpoetswearingsweatpants.tumblr.com/

New chapbook available via The Poetry Center

A new chapbook of the long poem “First Love” was created for & is available for download on The Poetry Center‘s Chapbook Exchange here.

first love chapbook cover

(With thanks to Gillian Conoley for publishing an earlier version of this poem in VOLT, to Edward Foster for re-printing it with an interview on the Talisman Magazine site, to Jeremy Mayer for the cover image of his stunning typewriter parts assemblages, & to Melissa Eleftherion Carr & Elise Ficarra of The Poetry Center for asking me to participate.)